Mike Lalor's Football Coaching Videos

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This DVD covers 40 different drills that we use to coach our wide receivers and our running backs.  We find that these two positions are quite similar in many areas, and quite different in many others.  Due to this situation, many of the drills that we use to teach are used for both our running backs and our wide receivers.  I also cover many drills that are more position specific as well. In this DVD you will learn the following drills.

1.  Speed ladder drills

2.  Ball catching drills

3.  WR routes

4.  Stalk Block Progression

5.  Running back blocking Progression.

6.  Running back specific drills

7.  Agility bag drills.

8.  Individual 1-1 RB drills

All of these drills are included in this hour long DVD.   Video combined with narration walk you through the drills and show you how to teach your young players the finer points of WR and Running Back Play.